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Got Ghosts?


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We are a group interested in paranormal behavior and helping those who are being plagued by it.


We have joined together to help those who are experiencing unexplained noises, sightings, feelings, moved objects, and other phenomena. We are here to help explain the unexplained, debunk the imagination, or provide evidence of the paranormal. Helping those who are in need of reassurance and confirmation that they are not losing their minds.

Most people when asked about the paranormal will deny and laugh at the subject. But when someone comes forward to ask for help, it is not to be taken lightly. They are in need of finding something "real" to grasp.

We look at these people with a professional view and act accordingly.

We don't always get answers with one trip. We occasionally need to return several times to get to the bottom of the mystery or source. Some of our investigators are skeptics and mechanical minded. They are ready to debunk things, but when they can't....well, let's look at the possibility of a haunting.

Our objective is to investigate, study, and report collected evidence. Our evidence will then confirm or deny paranormal activity.

Our investigators are over 18 yrs of age and upstanding members of the community. We believe in honesty and integrity. Members must follow SPPI guidelines for their personal safety and the safety of fellow members. Members will respect land, housing, and personal property of given investigations and home owners.

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